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  • Zhishen Wu, Jian-Guo Dai and Chunfeng Wan, Maintenance Engineering of Concrete Structures (混凝土结构维护管理工程学), China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (科学出版社), 373 pages (in Chinese)

Conference Proceedings

  • Dai, J.G., Yokota, H., Zhao, T.J. and Zhang, P. (2017), Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Water Repellent Treatment and Protective Surface Technology for Building Materials (HYDROPHOBE VIII), 7-9 December 2017, Hong Kong, China, ISBN 978-962-367-816-2.

  • Teng, J.G. and Dai, J.G. (2016), Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE2016), 14-16 December 2016, Hong Kong, China. ISBN: 978-888-14480-26.

  • Teng, J.G., Dai, J.G. and Chen, G.M. (2016), Proceedings of the International Workshop on Seawater Sea-Sand Concrete (SSC) Structures Reinforced with FRP Composites, 13 December 2016, ISBN: 978-988-14480-3-3.

  • Chung, K.F., Lam, Paul, H. F., Yam, Michael C. H. and Dai, J.G. (2013), Proceedings of IStructE Conference on Structural Engineering in Hazard Mitigation, 28-29 October, Tsinghua University, Beijing and 31 October-1 November, Tongji University, Shanghai, ISBN-978-988-16320-4-3.

  • Dai, J. G. and Zhu. S. (2012), The Future of Structural Engineering: Research, Practice and Education, Proceedings of The Fourth Asia-Pacific Young Researchers & Graduates Symposium (YRGS2012), Hong Kong, 4-5 December 2012, ISBN: 978-962-367-758-5.

  • Teng, J.G., Dai, J.G., Law, S.S., Xia, Y. and Zhu, S.Y. (2012), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Performance-based and Life-cycle Structural Engineering, 5-6 December, Hong Kong, China, ISBN: 978-988-15439-3-6.

Journal Special Issues

  • Ilki Alper and Dai, J. G. (2020), Special Issue on “Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites in Civil Engineering" for Construction and Building Materials

  • Dai, J. G. and Teng, J.G. (2015), Special Issue on “Sustainable Materials and Structures” for ASCE, Journal of Materials and Civil Engineering.

  • Wang, C. S. and Dai, J.G. (2015), Special Issue on “Fatigue Performance and Life Cycle Management of Steel and Steel-concrete Composite Bridges” for “Advanced Steel Construction”.

  • Ozbakkaloglu, T., Chen, J.F., Smith, Scott, T. and Dai, J.G. (2015), Special Issue on "Applications of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites" for “International Journal of Polymer Science”.

  • Dai, J.G. (2014), Special Issue of “Advances in Structural Engineering” for the 4th Asia Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium: The Future of Structural Engineering - Research, Practice & Education (YRGS2012).

Book Chapters

  • Dai, J. G., Kumar, S. and Huang, J.Q. (2022), Axial Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels Enabled by Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites, Sandwich Composites, CRC Press, ISBN, 9781003143031. [DOI]

  • Huang, J.Q., Kumar, S. and Dai, J. G. (2022), Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels Enabled by Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Connectors, Sandwich Composites, CRC Press, ISBN, 9781003143031. [DOI]

  • Dai, J. G. and Ueda, T. (2012), Strength and Deformability of Concrete Members Wrapped with Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites with a Large Rupture Strain, Chapter 14, Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction, ISBN 978-94-007-1996-5, Edited by Fardis, M. N., Springer Publisher, 225-241. [DOI]

  • Dai, J.G. and Bai, Y. L. (2014), Large Rupture Strain (LRS) Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Piers, Chapter 5, Advanced Composites for Bridge Construction, Edited by Y. J. Kim., Woodhead Publishing, 117-139.[DOI]

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